Evolution of IT beyond Internet

Worldwide technology related spends are forecast to reach USD 2.1 trillion by 2010, growing at a CAGR of more than 7 percent over 2006-2010. Growth in global sourcing is expected to outpace growth in total spends, with up to USD 110-120 billion of the total amount spent on software and services in 2010, likely to be sourced through the global delivery model.

Rapid evolution of technologies and Internet applications, and the rise of pervasive computing are expected to drive a rapid and quantum increase in technology adoption by businesses and individuals. The proliferation of client devices and end-user or end-use devices at the network edge will result in the addition of billions of devices to the network edge, which will drive the need for more enterprise systems to deploy, manage, and make use of them. The effects of the internet generation entering the working age population are expected to further accelerate technology usage and adoption.

The resultant increase in scale and complexity of ICT infrastructure and applications, will lead to an increased demand for skilled IT resources. The ageing demographics in most developed countries will necessitate an increasing reliance on globally dispersed talent pools to meet the demand for professionals – contributing to accelerated growth of the global sourcing phenomenon.