Business performance of Google and Yahoo mail:

Yet get ready another Mail Revolution of Major Giants:

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Google offer multiple editions of Google Apps to meet the needs of different organizations. So whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Google can power up your organization with the right services and support, for the right price.

Google provide 3 types of services

1. Standard edition - Free
2. Premium edition – Need payment
3. Education edition - Need payment

For business people Google provide 99.99% uptime guarantee enhancement services which feature follows with Google Apps, you can give employees powerful communication and collaboration tools that will help bring their productivity to the next level. Google Apps includes email with professional addresses like and up to 10 gigabytes of storage per account. And our publishing tools make it easier to deliver important information to employees and customers alike.

Google always provides 24/7 customer support and high end configuration software tools for their users for getting better business performance and reliability of the information. So the business people can trust the Google is the 100% pure business mail service provider of online Business performance as well as corporate governance.

For more help you can refer Google’s Faq section

Yahoo Business Mail:

Yahoo will provide users of its free Web e-mail service 1 gigabyte of storage, four times its current offering, equaling the storage capacity of rival Google's popular Gmail, said Andy Spillane, vice president of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo and Microsoft's Hotmail have both increased the storage limits for their free e-mail services after Google launched its Gmail service a year ago

Yahoo provides mail services under 3 categories

  1. Free yahoo mail
  2. Yahoo mail plus Like Google premium service - Need payment
  3. Personal Address Mail – Need payment

We check yahoo mail from any mobile phone is the major advantage of yahoo weather in Google should increase their mobile accessibility options throughout the world.

Finally Google and yahoo mails are being better business performance. Some analytical parameters supports both of these technology but in Faster performance and new releases Google one step Ahead of Yahoo still wait Yahoo make another revolution until we’ll beyond the internet.