Our top rated business intelligence organizations and their product overview:

This article analyze what is BI and its definition, how it works the people are using this are better business performance. Which organizations are using this BI efficiently and their ratings. What are the challenges to meet in future and its overcome suggestions as well as corporate people thoughts beyond the Business research intelligence and many more. This article is fully dedicated to the people who are really interested in Intelligence research on business sector. Get ready to taste the business intelligence thoughts……….

Sap Aktiengesellschaft (NYSE:SAP):

SAP AG together with its subsidiaries (SAP) is a provider of business software solutions. The Company develops markets and sells a variety of software solutions, primarily enterprise application software products for organizations, including corporations, government agencies and educational institutions. It also offers support and other services (including consulting and training) related to its software offering. The Company derives its revenue from sale or the license of its software products and sale of maintenance, consulting, development, training or other services in conjunction with the software license.

Key people: Henning Kagermann Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer.

Mkt Cap : 55.79B for 2007 April

BI Product: (SAP NetWeaver BI)

BI Product details: SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) paints a complete picture of your business to satisfy the diverse needs of end users, IT professionals, and senior management. It brings together a powerful business intelligence infrastructure, a comprehensive set of tools, planning and simulation capabilities, and data-warehousing functionality -- delivered through enterprise portal technology.

Key caption from a customer: "We wanted to have a system that will integrate all the information from the different projects."

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL)

Oracle Corporation (Oracle) is an enterprise software company. The Company develops, manufactures, markets, distributes and services database and middleware software, as well as applications software that help organizations to manage their businesses. Oracle is organized into two businesses: software and services. These businesses are further divided into five operating segments. Its software business consists of two operating segments, new software licenses, and software license updates and product support. Its services business consists of three operating segments, consulting, On Demand (formerly known as advanced product services) and education.

Key people: Lawrence J. Ellison Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mkt Cap : 95.57B on April 2007

BI Product: Oracle Business Intelligence 10g

BI Product Details: Oracle Discoverer - query, reporting and analysis with dashboard features. Oracle Spreadsheet Add-In - direct access to Oracle OLAP from within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Oracle Warehouse Builder - robust data quality and ETL functionality. Oracle BI Beans - custom BI application development.

*Oracle Releases its latest versions soon

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a range of software products for computing devices. The Company's software products include operating systems for servers, personal computers and intelligent devices; server applications for distributed computing environments; information worker productivity applications; business solution applications; high-performance computing applications, and software development tools. It provides consulting and product support services, and trains and certifies computer system integrators and developers. It has seven segments: Client, Server and Tools, Information Worker, Microsoft Business Solutions, MSN, Mobile and Embedded Devices, and Home and Entertainment.

Key peoples:

William H. Gates Chairman of the Board

Steven A. Ballmer Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mkt Cap : 275.26B on April 2007

BI Product: Microsoft SQL Server 2005

BI Product details: This applies in different level of performance

Faster Results: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 provides a new Management Studio, integration with Visual Studio 2005, and the Microsoft .NET common language runtime - all of which help you build, debug, and operate applications faster and more efficiently.

Better Decisions: SQL Server 2005 provides a comprehensive business intelligence platform for data integration, analysis, and reporting that helps you turn insight into action and make better decisions, faster.

Trusted Platform: SQL Server 2005 supports the highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding applications with native data encryption, secure default settings, and password policy enforcement.

Ordering is neither intended to the corporation nor the products. The main think for this article is what are the Business intelligence products are very popular in the world market as well as the contribution of each product to the current business needs.