Some interesting facts of the World's Most Respected CEOs

As recent events have proven, poor management can render an investment entirely worthless overnight. And great management can have long-term, positive effects. Thus, many investors today have strong opinions about the best CEOs in the world and that is why Barron's is weighing in on the CEO debate for the third straight year by identifying 30 top corporate leaders from around the world. The CEO list isn't arbitrary. We looked at total performance of each CEOs and their short-term achievements in their respective organization growth.

1. Profit growth during a CEO's tenure and stock-price gains.

2. Less tangible factors, like leadership strength and industry stature.

3. CEOs who've made a difference to their organizations.

Following are the most respected CEOs list:

Berkshire Hathaway:

Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway, CEO since ’65

Why: The era’s most extraordinary investor and manager

Annualized Price Change One Year 22.3% While CEO 23.3% S&P500 10.4% 2007 P/E 19.8 5-Yr. Profit Growth 28.0%

Caption: Age isn’t slowing Buffett. At 76, he remains at the top of his game. His Berkshire Hathaway is coming off its best year ever as operating profits hit $9.3 billion

in 2006, almost double 2005. Buffett's shoes clearly will be hard to fill, but he may be

around for a while yet: His actuarial life expectancy, as he wrote in his recent annual letter, is 12 more years.

EchoStar Communications:

Charlie Ergen EchoStar Communications, since ’80

Why: A disciplined approach to growth put shares in orbit

Annualized Price Change One Year 38.2% While CEO 30.3% S&P500 10.3% 2007 P/E 21.8 5-Yr. Profit Growth 85.0%

Caption: Charlie Ergen loves to defy the doubters. While many worry

about the staying power of satellite TV in a time of intense competition from cable operators, Echo-Star Communications added over a million net subscribers in 2006,

bringing its total to 13.1 million. That made the company No. 4 in pay TV—behind only Comcast, Time Warner Cable and DirecTV. In the past year, EchoStar shares have shot up 40%, thanks to strong results and takeover potential. The most likely buyer: AT&T, a current partner. Or EchoStar and arch rival DirecTV may try to hook up. With any luck, the stock will make like a satellite and head for the sky.

United Technologies:

George David United Technologies, CEO since ’94.

Why: UT, not GE, is the top-performing conglomerate

Annualized Price Change One Year 12.2% While CEO 20.0% S&P500 11.3% 2007 P/E 15.6 5-Yr. Profit Growth 12.0%

Caption: David is the total package, combining Japanese efficiency techniques, shrewd Bets on products and unusual attentiveness to soft, human values. David insists the company is set to achieve superior results long after his retirement, slated for next year. Not even Jack Welch was able to do that for GE.

These lists are made with the help of market watch exclusive reports which contain many survey Results as well as author editorial issues. List may continued later…