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Dear Aspirants This article is case study of SEO market and the one of growing company (discountclick.com) analysis.

Over view of SEO (Search Engine optimization) market: Search Engine Marketing Is a Rocket, Spending Is Up 62%; Advertisers Spent a Total of $9.4 Billion in 2006.

75% of advertisers said they could afford a mild increase in paid placement; the remaining 25% say they have topped out in cost per lead spending

SEM continues to poach budget from other marketing channels, especially offline marketing programs

In-house marketing programs continue to grow, portending further consolidation on the agency side of the business

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1. Philips Lighting

2. JK Design

3. Stevens Institute

4. Advantage One Insurance

5. Enneagram Institute

6. Covance

7. ABR Pharma

8. Midland School

9. JY Horiba

And many more

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