Best Global brands for the year 2006:

While business matters brand name is the one of powerful parameter. Brand name is defined by a name given to a product or service which accomplishes some standards. From this article give the analysis and essential of branding

Role of Brand Analysis:

A measure of how the brand influences customer demand at the point of purchase is applied to the intangible earnings to arrive at branded earnings.

Brand Strength Analysis:

This is a benchmark of the brand’s ability to secure ongoing customer demand (loyalty, repurchase, and retention) and thus sustain future earnings, translating branded earnings into net present value. This assessment is a structured way of determining the specific risk to the strength of the brand. We compare the brand against common factors of brand strength, such as market position, customer franchise, image, and support.

Below table gives top 10 brands in the world in 2006:

Rank Brand Country Sector Value ($m) brand value

1 Coca-Cola US Beverages 67,000 -1%

2 Microsoft US Computer Software 56,926 -5%

3 IBM US Computer Services 56,201 5%

4 GE US Diversified 48,907 4%

5 Intel US Computer Hardware 32,319 -9%

6 Nokia Finland Telecom Equipment 30,131 14%

7 Toyota Japan Automotive 27,941 12%

8 Disney US Entertainment 27,848 5%

9 McDonald’s US Restaurants 27,501 6%

10 Mercedes Germany Automotive 21,795 9%

This article give an idea about branding of products and corporations in the world market more about branding will update soon and consolidated article can be click the link which is given later.