Dr.Yunus Thoughts

Dr.Yunus has an important role to play in Bangladesh society. But it is not in politics. His role is best fulfilled as part of the civil society, to strengthen it in lieu with politics which has to be strengthened by politicians, not civilians merely because they might be bigger achievers. No country is led simply by its most prolific achiever. We dont have to be too. And no country’s problems can be solved by one man’s initiative, or even two or three. It is the institutions that have to be cleansed.So people will have an option to support credible and competent politicians under his leadership. However there are also apprehensions whether he can do well in Politics. Journalist Shiblee Noman, while answering Yunus’s letter, questions his experience in politics and warns that if he thinks he is the savior of Bangladesh then he is wrong. In democracy the power comes from the grass root, what people wants. So the question is whether Yunus is really being wanted by the public as a politician or the notion is imposed.

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