silent warnings from to Google:

Now days peoples are very savvy to internet, and internet is very savvy to search engines (lol) like Google, Live search, Ask Jeeves and etc…

Just a little bit comparison between Google and

Google: Google uses its proprietary algorithm Pagerank. Google introduces day to day new technology from its research lab. In internet the name Google is the trusted brand name for every user. Google launched its mail service called “Gmail” over the several years but recently it could be the free for every one. The major acquisition of Google for last five year is,, and many more. Google has its own official logo. It does not disclose any proprietary algorithm. We will believe Microsoft also develop some new technology but still released not yet or it may develop their marketing strategy. In software development for system side Microsoft is the king still now. (MSFT) acquired hotmail which upgraded many more times readers should listen not developed by Microsoft. MSFT acquired lot of medium scale and big companies. Recent target of Microsoft is to acquire Yahoo, Inc. is one of the top ranked website in the world. If the deal is successfully completed which record in history of “Bigdeal” ever since the world. contains Microsoft windows logo.

From above information tells MSFT will try to beat Google in online if its allow. Lets wait and see How Google put check to Microsoft. Yeah … the future of internet is so sweet… we are the bees just grab it.