Web opportunities an interesting analysis:

This article analyses, what are the searching opportunity available in World wide web and its merits, demerits finally the probability of searching results.

The Web is the most comprehensive source of information ever created and the World’s largest database. There are billions of Websites and an estimated 600 billion+ Web pages.

Despite the Web’s size and importance, access to it is severely limited. Search engines like Google and Yahoo index only about 2% of the Web, and are unable to penetrate pages that require inputting information, links, passwords, etc. Even the largest search engines spider the Web only once every two to four weeks, so dynamically-changing information cannot be found. Until now, no other capability has allowed access to the entire Web – the deep, changing and dynamic Web.

There is an over-abundance of information on the Web with information growing exponentially every year for the past decade. Information on companies, industry sectors, government regulation, and the investment environment abound, as do blogs and chat rooms. The problem is sorting through this infinite sea of information in a timely and usable manner, and filtering out only the most up-todate, unique and useful intelligence and data.

Disadvantages of Searching technology will never solved:

1. Fast changing information which search engines will never find.

2. Unique Deep Web data which the wire services will never see.

3. High-value, actionable data that no one else can ever deliver.

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