Another search engine product from Google called Searchmash!

Hi readers another search engine product from Google, Inc. is Searchmash a new baby from internet giant. Yes! Google engineers where created this very effective manner which does not contain any Google related terms and even logo’s. But while considering the feature of the new search engine is nothing revolutionary According to Search Engine Watch the reason the site is not branded as Google, is to help Google gather more objective data about user response to new interfaces.

Some features that are listed in
Start typing!
You don't have to have your cursor in the search box to start typing your query. Your
previous query will be replaced with whatever you type.
Search a specific website
Click on the green URL to see results from that website.
Other types of results
You can see other types of results, such as images and blogs, in the blocks to the right of the standard w
eb results. Expand a block by clicking on its title.
More results bar
Click the "more results" bar at the bottom of the page (or hit the space bar) to show more results instantly.
Play videos
You can watch a video by clicking on its thumbnail. Click on the video that's playing to pause it.
Readers there is nothing new in searchmash, but still it is in Beta version will believe somethi
ng released by Google is not an ordinary one.
Keep searching! keep surfing! And enjoy the Googling!