Data management for Business Intelligent system:

Data integration is a one of the salient feature of data ware housing. From this article we know about How data profiling and analysis saves companies $ Millions. Taking charge of organizational data to create a faster, smarter more competitive enterprise by improving data Quality, cutting integration costs and improving the returns from data warehousing initiatives, ERP, CRM, SCM and Business Intelligence.

If senior executives can recognize the value of data, then they can give support to information managers to take control of data. The place for information managers to start is by seeking to better understand the organization’s data: its content, location, structure, quality and suitability for integration with other data in information management projects.

Automated data profiling and analysis solutions have recently made understanding and managing data much more accessible. Data analysts, information managers and senior executives can now take control of data as an asset and work together to maximize returns from across all data-dependent systems—from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) to Data Warehousing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI).

The steps involved in data integration:

The impact of poor data quality on data integration projects:

Until quite recently, few organizations had any information quality function or team charged with the responsibility of ensuring data quality across the enterprise in a strategic or holistic fashion. Data quality was seen as a specific tactical element of implementing a new application, or worse, not even considered at all.

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“In our CRM project, data integration was a secondary consideration for us. We didn’t accurately estimate the time it would take us to integrate the data until it was too late.”

Project manager, major international bank

Ford Financial Europe sought to integrate business intelligence information with a US-based Enterprise Data Warehouse.