BP commits to provide echo friendly services:

This article deals about the British petroleum’s (BP) facts to provide whiting refinery. BP is a holding company that operates in different business segments

Exploration and production

Refining and marketing and gas

Power and renewables

Now let’s analyzing the Facts about BP’s Whiting Refinery and what are the opinions we made of.

Energy security and diversity:

BP plans to spend more than $3 billion to modernize the Whiting Refinery to process additional heavy crude oil from Canada, a secure and reliable source.

This might be good for BP business plan but it makes the pollution on the water level where the project is to be established. So the BP’s authorities should considering the facts about pollution of water and related issues.

Modern technology operates a modern wastewater plant in Whiting today and plan to invest about $150 million to enhance the refinery's wastewater treatment capability. Really its good investment on whiting project and full details about this article can read out Chicago Tribune Article which gives complete story about whiting process.

The major out come of this project is the Whiting Refinery has served this community. BP is committed to environmental and civic leadership and looks forward to working with our neighbors for many decades to come, which has proved by proud legacy, promising future of BP’s one of the fact.

My opinion:

BP’s whiting refinery cause water pollution in the area of where project established. But while considering the factors about BP’s whiting refinery project, the assured some factors like No harm to people or the environment, well within legal limits and etc… And we will believe they definitely follow the factors and made echo friendly system for our environment. The give assurance for follow the state and federal laws and regulations while whiting process. So the government officials are closely watching their activities. So I think no problem for BP’s whiting process.