Good friendship makes great deals in life!

Are you super bad? Did you ever think like this? If your answer is no must watching this movie! Superbad somehow only the most successful comedy of the year, Yes! It has fantastic screenplay and story. You can watch the movie clips in online and now we have to analyze the movie and its story.

Director of the movie: Gregg Mottola

Story written by : Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Starring : Michael Cera

Co-star : Jonah Hill

Releasing date : August 17 in United States of America

Now let’s come to the movie, this is a story about two teen age boys and their friendship in high school days were they really enjoying the life! Jonah Hill known as Seth, Michael Cera known as Evan. They are two socially inept teenage boys about to graduate high school, who share a dependent friendship, but have gotten into different colleges and are, forced to contemplate life apart. Both are lived together like own brothers and for their whole life. Now that they are in college, they have been accepted into different colleges and will have to face life on their own for the very first time. The story tells how teen ages play important role in every human life and also tells the important of the good friendship which helps the growth of life. Also this story is indirect information to parents. Are you agreeing? Yes this is true. Let’s ready to enjoying the movie!