Helping the Non-profit organizations is a way of social service:

Helping poor is one of the social services. Everyone faces struggles in their life, but few are more difficult than the dark moments of emotional, psychological or spiritual emptiness that are faced when faith runs at low ebb. As the saying goes, “Lose everything but your faith in God & you'll lose nothing.. Yes! You can donate your dress, foods, and etc… Or you can go for Car Donation,Car Donations is one and only service provider on that bay areas. They require paper forms from donators and in most cases need the title to the vehicle and some details about the cars. Am also Donate My Car to that organization. We can also proceeds from used cars, trucks, vans etc…From this advertisement post we know that caring words are real food that can nourish the heart, “clothing” that can warm the soul -in fact, spiritual words of life are as essential as physical food for our total health. We’ve found that those with spiritual hunger & “hearts grown thin & full of holes” are in even greater number than those physically suffering. Those financially well off can be spiritually impoverished as well -sometimes even more than those materially less fortunate. which gives beautiful, lives to the orphans where they reside.

So we really caring the people those who really interested in social services and non-profit services. May god bless us by helping the poor around the globe!