Implementation of E-commerce business:

All are well known about E-commerce in emerging internet world. This article explaining the implementation of ecommerce business plans and strategy. Move deep to the E-commerce arena!

E-commerce or electronic commerce is defined as the conducting of commerce with goods and services over the Internet. It includes, consumers using the Internet to purchase goods and services online, as well as businesses selling and communicating with other businesses through the Internet.

This is a new way of business technology which always belongs to internet; at once we can say this is a 24/7 over the year! Yes! This is true businesses are takes place at every time around the globe.

Which region plays major role in E-commerce business?

The Asia Pacific is home to two-third of the world’s population presenting a large and lucrative e-commerce market. Some countries in the region have documented this opportunity and have taken the lead role and are now some of the influential in e-commerce from the world outlook. An ecommerce site can be as simple as a telephone index, can range all the way to a real time credit and processing site where customer can purchase downloadable goods and receive them on the spot.

The region being so diverse in many aspects presents certain challenges in the implementation of a successful e-commerce strategy. In spite of these challenges there are economies in the region that are so well advanced in the deployment of e-commerce strategies while at the same there are still economies in the region that are yet to fully enjoy the benefits of e-commerce in either the supply and consumption chain. The available evidence suggests that there is indeed a divide emerging between Asia Pacific member countries in so far as e-commerce initiatives are concerned.

Some familiar e-comm vendors are, and etc…

E-Business is the formation of new, and the redesigning of obtainable value chains and business procedures by way of the application of information technology. E-Business is actually more than e-commerce. It in turn expands the extent of e-commerce to change the company and the industry itself.

Achieving the goal is not easy when it is not executed!

By Mohamed Arif Business Analyst