Google goes to India for new innovations:

Google wants to go India for new innovations. This is a cover story about Google goes to India with the help of CNN money. In developed markets, much Internet use is about lifestyle conveniences, such as driving directions and movie show times. In India that information doesn't even exist. Google now offers search functions in five Indian languages and is working to bring it up to ten, but online content in those languages is limited. Google Maps has launched in just 57 Indian cities so far. While the pictures from space exist, sending people to find out the name of a lake or a road - and then figure out how to write it - takes time. Indian Googlers know these things, and they interact with people of different income levels on a daily basis. Google chose Bangalore in 2004 as the site of its first R&D center outside the U.S., says Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, who heads Google's Asia operations from the company's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters, in part "because so many Googlers who are Indian want to move back to India and participate in India's growth."

The transplanting of Silicon Valley culture is increasingly visible in India. In an up market neighborhood in Bangalore where high-tech professionals live, there's an entire store dedicated to selling beanbag chairs - in case workers can't get enough bag time at the office. At the Central department store in downtown Bangalore, customers waiting for the elevator sit on - what else? - Beanbag chairs.

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