Where the vast majority of consumers do their research?

According to a report majority of customers do online researches before executing their plans for Buy, Sell and market their products. This article analyzing the research points in consumer field. How do consumers find out about your products or services? Today everyone thinks that consumers go directly to the web to learn about products and services. But according to a recent survey by eMarketer, consumers are still seeking information in retail stores. The web was the second most popular destination for product research, but retail stores were number one. If you are in a business that sells through retailers, its important to realize that consumers are going to retailers first and using the web to complete their research.

It's essential that your web based information is in synch with in-store information, pricing, and so on. If consumers see inconsistencies in pricing, variety, or options, they're likely to frequent another vendor or simply buy on price. Many retailers are using their websites to capture customer information. This can be done at the store level as well. Ask purchasers and browsers to sign up for a newsletter or coupons that will bring them back to your store.