Information about executive and economic classes in air ticket reservation system:

The world always shrinks! Yes! No matter where you're going, nowadays air travel is an essential part of your trip. Air travel is a wonderful and awesome experience for all those who traveled in aero plane. Now I would like to discuss about different classes of air travel systems.

Economy class is the lowest class of seating in air travel and rail travel.

Although it is reputed to be uncomfortable, with limited legroom and amenities, it is favored by many travelers as it offers the cheapest seats. Business class Aka executive class is a high quality second-rate travel class available on some commercial airlines and rail lines. Its level of accommodation is higher than economy class and domestic first class but lower than international first class. Okay. Now we’ll discuss about online air ticket reservation system. You've bought your airline ticket - next question: just where is your airplane seat? And why should you find out? Because airplane seats and seat locations can be very different... and a great seat makes airplane travel more fun, especially long haul flights.

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