Nintendo Asia

MicroCubo is an online store dedicated to the import of gadgets and consumer electronics direct from the factory. Warehouse and offices in Spain and always free shipping on any purchase. Today we released the Nintendo DS Lite for a great price about 90 € including VAT and free shipping. These consoles are Asian, but despite that the same guarantees and benefits. Avoid purchasing at our borders to the prices that manufacturers mark is allowing us to sell things like this.

Original Nintendo DS Lite (assorted colors). Included in the package console and charger.

Remanufactured Console with 2 year warranty. Casing, screens, battery charger and protective totally new.
Source: Nintendo Asia.

The Nintendo DS Lite is one of the latest consoles of the market, provides a quick and smooth entertainment for children (and those already not so.

This console is compatible with all types of cartridges to store your backups (on a 4 GB MicroSDHC can save up to about 80 games).
Compatible cartridges as DSTT, R4, EdgeDS, N5 ... to bring to your fingertips, dozens of homebrew games and applications (in addition to your backups).

Our console has the same security and benefits that you can buy at Carrefour for 130 €.

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