What are the advantages of paid review over disadvantage of same?

  1. Main purposes of paid posts are earning money by blog owner and the service offered agency.
  2. It’s one kind of online ads on blogs
  3. This type of business sole proprietary of blog owners and the agency
  4. The comments are majority popularized to make positive thinks of an advertiser not an agency.
  5. The mid level blog owners are write more review on their pages may affect Google Pagerank. But not sure this algorithm depends upon the links which proprietary not yet cleared by Google even now also.
  6. Bloggers don’t worry about it you can make many in bound links to your blog which hierarchy made the Pagerank should be higher.
  7. This is the secret beyond the Blogging and paid reviews for long term associated one for internet age.
  8. Payperpost provide huge amount for its reviewers. Lot of advantages are there while taking Payperpost post .