Details about BP’s Whiting refinery process:

All we know about BP is an international giant for providing petroleum oil and Gas service provider. They operated in to three business segment are as follows.

Exploration and production

Refining and marketing and gas

Power and renewable

Now let’s know detail facts about BP’s Whiting Refinery and the opinions.

Collaborative, transparent approach describes the BP is working with federal, state and local elected officials, regulators, community and environmental organizations, and communities to develop comprehensive, environmentally sound plans. This might be good for BP business plan but it makes the pollution on the water level where the project is to be established. So the BP’s authorities should considering the facts about pollution of water and related issues.

Continuous improvement For the benefit of the environment, the Whiting Refinery voluntarily reduced total suspended solids in its water discharge by 40% in just the past four years. Really its good investment on whiting project and full details about this article can read out Chicago Tribune Article which gives complete story about whiting process.

The major out come of this project is pollution control. Well within legal limits is a new water discharge permit allows the refinery's average ammonia discharge to increase, but at levels that will still be less than half of those that federal environmental guidelines could allow.

My opinion:
BP’s whiting refinery cause water pollution in the area of where project established. But while considering the factors about BP’s whiting refinery project, the assured some factors like No harm to people or the environment, well within legal limits and etc… Indiana has only a very small section of the Lake Michigan lakefront and often appears to value the Lake less than its sister states. Where Illinois and Michigan have miles of beachfront, Indiana has steel mills and refineries. But the expansion of the lakefront to the area now covered by the National Lakeshore involved a massive effort that succeeded only in spite of many from Indiana. And we will believe they definitely follow the factors and made echo friendly system for our environment. The give assurance for follow the state and federal laws and regulations while whiting process. So the government officials are closely watching their activities. So I think no problem for BP’s whiting process.