Procedure for E-mail money transfer:

Hello guys after successful completion of the article Online secure payment services, let’s moving to another method of money transfer called “E-mail money transfer” which is nothing but deposited the money in to a particular mail id which is unique one for online service providers. Okay let’s go through the procedure of E-mail money transfer technique.

Following is the general procedure for transferring funds using your on-line banking service and E-mail. This procedure is similar to that used by our financial institution, and it should be noted that each financial institution probably has slightly different procedures. Additionally, each financial institution has limits on the amount that can be transferred within a given 24 hour period.

Sign on to your On-Line Banking service

Select “Funds Transfer”

Go to E-mail Money Transfer

Select “Send Money”

Enter recipient’s name

Enter recipient’s E-mail address

Select the account from which the money is to be withdrawn

Enter the amount to be transferred

Enter security question- The answer to the Security Question may be a word,

a phrase, a number or any combination of any of those. It must be alphanumeric; spaces, punctuation or symbols such as “/”, “&”, “!”, “*”, “%” will not be accepted. The answer is NOT case sensitive. NOTE: You need to agree upon a pre-arranged Security Question and Answer with your recipient.

Enter answer to security question

Enter your Access Code (If required)

Select “Submit”

Select “Confirm Transaction”

I hope that this article helpful for beginners who starts transferring the money in E-mail Ids. Example of E-mail money transfer is Certapay, PayPal, MoneyBookers and etc…