Interesting analysis about MSFT, GOOG, Yhoo:

Finally the technological war starts between Internet giants Google, Yahoo, Microsoft. As we already discuss our later articles Microsoft should tie up with yahoo to sustain their level in online. Because Google goes beyond the very high growth rate of online advertising. Recent days Google acquire a media company which had larger market place in internet.

Statistics about Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft can see here

Now lets move in to the main article New York, May 4 2007 Microsoft Corp, the world's largest software firm, bid for Internet giant Yahoo! Inc in one of the biggest takeover deals in the technology space. The worth of the Bid 50 Billion dollars (huh…Total assets of William gates).

According to Wall Street Journal and New York Post, Microsoft, which has a market cap of close to 300 billion dollars, has intensified its pursuit for Yahoo! after holding informal talks over the years.

The deal, if successful, could leave a huge impact on the global IT space, including India 44 billion dollars from 38.2 billiondollars on Thursday of May 2007. This deal was not finalized but there is no response to refuse this news from Microsoft, Yahoo and their officers. Event no response from Google also. where both Microsoft and Yahoo carry huge brand value and enjoy significant exposure.

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Welcome this meaningful competition between them which makes world entertinement. Me too… Lets grab the deal now onwards....

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