Thoof Rankbadges really increases the traffic of websites:

Thoof has their own ranking of what constitutes good or popular articles; with the Thoof rank we should know about how our articles are familiar in the internet. This is a fantastic phenomenon for driving the traffic in the content of web page. When a user reading articles on thoof pages, unfortunately if they found anything wrong on the particular pages, easily edited by the user like Wikipedia's manner. This is one of the major advantage of all news update portals, but it has some disadvantage over it. Another important factor is Thoofrank is nothing but a ranking system provided by Thoof when a particular article is recognized by other readers as above average.

Often used as a measure of social connectedness, recognizing social networks assists in determining how information moves throughout groups, and how trust can be established and fostered. In the same way another global community network called Thoof is growing on the way. This is a network which provides information or personalized news posting service on their website. The registration process is very simple and I liking the posting technique! They follow the simple steps for posting our ideas or stories. We can use the reference link of the story or article, which gradually increasing the link popularity of targeted pages. A link to a news or story of item is submitted, along with a title, description and tags. Other users start to see the news item if Thoof determines they will like it. However, submissions can be easily be edited by other users who think there is something lacking. Yes this is a great idea! Lets all get ready to grab the new features of Thoof! In this manner Thoof got it's unique name because of features belongs to them.

In recent days we can found lot of community portals on internet. Some of them very genuine its nature and forms the social network which is nothing but the personal or professional set of relationships between individuals. Social networks represent both a collection of ties between people and the strength of those ties.

The objective aim of Thoof Badge is increasing the website traffic in short period of time. We can say this is another revolution of internet while traffic is main concern! 09/08/07