Part of flower in Human life:

Do you know flowers are playing important role in every one life? Yes! Flowers are the cool thinks which makes calm and politeness of a society. For example you want to see your relatives in hospital or you may want to see your lover, bringing a flower or flower bouquet makes good sense. Flowers having own heritage and denoted by different symbols. For example Rose is for ‘love’ and Jasmine is for peace. There are different kinds of flowers available in the planet. Basically flowers fall in plant family. Here I’ll give the botanical definition of a flower flowers are the reproductive structure of angiosperm plants, comprised of protective sepals, colorfully attractive petals, the female pistil with stigma, style and ovary, and the male stamen with filament and anther. The beauty of the flower has made it a much-loved symbol of peace and romance. Flowers may used in different function like wedding, lovers day etc… We can buy wholesale flowers through a store or even